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Hosting of videos/photos uploaded by the DailyRoads dashcam app

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Dashcam app and GPS tracker

By combining our tried-and-trusted Android dashcam app with optional journey tracking, we provide an integrated solution to record road videos, capture photos and sometimes share your location with family or friends.


All pricing plans include photos and tracks, while video hosting can be included in a plan or attached as an add-on.

Flexible hosting

  • Fixed or variable pricing
  • Cumulative upload limits
  • Automatic deletion, with protection options
  • Gradual expiration of media and tracks
  • Dynamically attached/removed add-ons

Uploads and media storage

  • Driver-initiated uploads from the app
  • Rule-based automatic uploads
  • Option for Wi-Fi, mobile data or roaming
  • Automatic restart of interrupted uploads
  • Gallery for uploaded media files

Journey tracking

  • Tracking option for certain journeys
  • Automatically attached videos and photos
  • Tracking for you or other people
  • Manual or automatic location sharing
  • Automatic expiration of unprotected tracks

Geofences and logging

  • Circle-shaped geofences on the map
  • Triggering of video/photo capture
  • Alerts based on geofence events
  • Detailed logging of all hosting events
  • Filters based on events and timestamps

The above features are designed for individual drivers with occasional journeys. For more complex features, please see our service dedicated to professional drivers and fleets.

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