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Dashcam app

The files hosted here are uploaded by our popular dashcam app, which constantly captures videos/photos of your journeys. Some of the important app features are listed below, while more details are available on the DailyRoads.app website.

Continuous video recording

The app acts as a video black box, dashcam or auto DVR, recording everything, but only keeping what the driver is interested in.

Safe zone

Sudden changes in speed (possible accident), or a touch on the screen (important road event) triggers the app to protect the latest recorded video sequence.

Loop recording

When the user-defined storage space starts to fill up, the oldest videos are automatically deleted, to make room for new files. Photo storage can be controlled separately.

Background mode

Photos/videos can be captured even while the application is in the background. This means you can receive and place calls, receive SMS, use your GPS navigation or radar detection software, and rest assured that everything what happens in front of your vehicle, is still being recorded.

Built-in file manager

The accumulated files can be easily managed through the built-in file manager. It is possible to view photos and play videos (individually, or in a sequence), upload, delete, view on map, bookmark, view details, and select the grouping option which is better suitable for what you want to see.


Photos can be automatically captured at user-defined intervals and resolutions. You can review them within the app, displaying their location on the map.

GPS details on videos

Speed, elevation, timestamp and GPS coordinates are saved each second, and are shown on videos within the application, next to a map.

Automatic uploads

In the app’s photo and video settings you can specify if and how to automatically upload the files. From the built-in file manager you can also manually upload photos and videos.

Overheating protection

When recording high quality videos, certain devices can slowly heat up due to increased resource consumption. Advanced options control what happens when a threshold is reached.

Default settings

After downloading the app, you can immediately start recording your journey with the settings automatically customized to your device.

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