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Our hosting service is based on two major components: the Android app to be used in vehicles, and the web portal hosting your videos/photos and tracks. The Android app is the active contributor, uploading the media files and providing the GPS details, but can also receive geofence details from the web portal.

Android app

At the end of 2009 we launched the very first Android dashcam app, and have been improving it ever since. After a decade, DailyRoads Voyager is still a very popular dashcam app on the Play store, downloaded by millions of drivers. We also created variants of the app for our partners to launch under their own names, and some variants come even preinstalled on specific hardware models.

The main functionality of the app is still continuous video recording, to help drivers when unforeseen events happen on the road ahead. The app can function on its own, without needing a connection to the web portal. But, if you are interested in journey tracking and uploading some of your videos and photos, then you need an account on the web portal.

Web portal

After you log in, the web portal presents your uploaded videos and photos, organized in a gallery. The media files can be filtered by upload type and date/time, can be searched by drawing a bounding box on the map, and sorted by various criteria. A click on a gallery card shows the map where the selected photo was taken, while videos are played back in sync with their respective routes on the map, also showing the timestamp and speed.

Similar to the Android app, where old videos are constantly deleted to make room for new ones, the web portal also allows for a gradual expiration of uploaded videos, photos and tracks. Additionally, activity logging allows you to have a detailed picture of what has happened in your account.

This hosting service is designed for individual drivers with occasional journeys. For more complex features, please see our service dedicated to professional drivers and fleets.

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